Acids, Alkalis and Bases

From complex analysis to routine lab work or production,we offer a wide range of acids, alkalis, and bases, each designed for specific applications.

Explore our diverse selection of acids, alkalis & bases for various applications, including:

Acids, Alkalis and Bases for Instrumental Analysis

The more sensitive the instrumental detection becomes, the more important it is to use highly pure reagents. We offer a comprehensive selection of high-purity acids and bases tailored to meet modern instrumental analysis requirements.

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Suprapur® and Ultrapur® High Purity Acids and Bases

Suprapur® and Ultrapur® high-purity acids and bases are specifically crafted for inorganic trace and ultra-trace analysis needs. Each analytical reagent adheres to strict specifications, ensuring quality. With a wide range of modern analytical methods (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, etc.), you can customize control and analysis procedures for each product.

Acids, Alkalis and Bases for Classical Analysis

We offer a comprehensive array of high-quality acids, alkalis and bases in various concentrations, quality grades, and packaging sizes meticulously designed to meet the demands of classical analysis techniques.

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EMSURE® acids, alkalis and bases are the premium grade products for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications, consistently meeting or exceeding the requirements of various international standards such as ACS, ISO, and/or Reag. Ph Eur.  EMPARTA ® acids comply with ACS standards, ideal for various analytical lab applications when top-quality and reliability are essential, even when high performance is not required. EMPLURA® acids, caustic alkalis and bases cover the most important specification parameters and are suitable for preparative lab work, cleaning and production.

Volumetric Solutions for Titration

For precise analyses, we provide carefully crafted volumetric solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, including titrating reducing or oxidizing substances, acids, bases, or complexing reagents in both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.

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Titripur® Volumetric Solutions and Titrisol® Concentrates

Titripur® volumetric solutions and Titrisol® concentrates, manufactured to high-quality standards, provide a variety of acid and alkaline concentrations for titration-based compound quantification.

Titripur® solutions undergo analysis in the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, and the digital products feature RFID tags on bottles for effortless data transfer.

Acids, Alkalis and Bases for Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Development

We provide comprehensive support, from development to production, with an unwavering commitment to quality and compliance. Our offerings encompass raw materials and thorough documentation for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production.

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EMPROVE® Products

The EMPROVE® Product Portfolio consists of more than 500 raw materials, 1,100 Filtration SKU’s and 450 Single-Use Components.  Each product portfolio is supported with EMPROVE® Dossiers which provide comprehensive, up-to-date documentation to help you navigate regulatory challenges, manage risks, and improve your manufacturing processes.