30 Social Media Content Ideas and Examples for Brands

It can be challenging to find fresh social media content ideas when you have to post something every day on multiple platforms.

But fresh, quality content that attracts users’ attention and keeps them informed is important. People will be excited to see what you post next, which makes them more likely to engage with your posts—and maybe even become a customer.

With this cheatsheet of solid content ideas for each of the major social platforms, you’ll be ahead of the curve. And you’ll never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again.

1. Videos

By 2020, digital videos will drive 82% of web traffic. That means you’re leaving reach and engagement on the table if you aren’t sharing video content on your channels. And there’s so many options to choose from:

  • Stories (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Snapchat
  • IGTV
  • YouTube
  • Live video (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Tik Tok
  • In-feed videos (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)

Pro tip: You can share video on any of your channels, but on Facebook and Twitter, it’s best to upload videos directly (versus sharing the YouTube or Instagram video link) to get the most engagement.

And don’t forget TikTok, where short and fun videos can reach younger audiences.


The Washington Post is using TikTok in ways that are fun and surprising. In this video they have a bit of fun with U.S. Democratic candidate for president Julian Castro and his twin brother Juan, who is also a politician.

To get started creating winning social videos, read our guide to creating the perfect social video.

2. Live videos

In addition to video posts, consider posting live video updates to your social channels. Four out of five people would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post, according to a survey done by Vimeo and New York Magazine.

This is a great idea for launch events or press conferences. You can also use Facebook Live or Twitter Live to host a preview event for upcoming products or to stage a live demonstration of your services.

In this video, Benefit Cosmetics demonstrates how to use one of their products, BADgal mascara, a product that just so happened to be in that month’s edition of Birchbox, a subscription makeup sample box.

3. Your employees

It can take years to build trust in your brand, but showcasing real people who work at your company can build a personal connection with your audience much more quickly.

Try featuring posts by a few of your employees — ones who typically don’t post to your social accounts — or posts featuring your employees to personalize your social media feeds and share different voices.

You could even let your employees advocate for your products or services during your social media campaigns. Your followers will appreciate being able to put a literal face to your brand, which helps them feel more connected to what you do and offer.

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