Meaningful Impact When the New World Has Not Emerged Yet

Our old lives are gone, and the new world has not been created yet. We’re in an in between state right now, and this can feel really shaky for a lot of us.

There is a way that this in-between state, before the new reality emerges, can cause us to distract ourselves, to be pulled in a thousand directions, and to question everything we’re doing.

If that’s happening for you, you’re not alone. This in-between state of emergence can feel chaotic.

It’s also filled with immense possibility.

It’s in this in-between state that we get to reinvent ourselves. Reinvent who we want to be, what kind of impact we’d like to create. We get to reinvent the new world, as it emerges!

Let me repeat that: from this in-between, chaotic state … we get to reinvent the world.

How freaking breathtaking.

Someone asked me: how do we distinguish meaningful impact with waste of time when the old world is gone but the new is not there yet? I love this question, because it’s so thoughtful, full of consciousness.

What if there’s no right answer?

What if there can be no waste of time, if we’re spending our time with our eyes open, our minds open to wonder, with beginner’s mind?

What new can we imagine? What new art can emerge? What new connections can we form? What new way of thinking can we invent?

This right here. This is our chance. This place of chaos and emergence and beauty and reinvention.

Step into it.

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